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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cat v. Dog

J. from Kalamazoo asked us this question:

I was wondering if there have been any cougar sightings in Kalamazoo or Van Buren counties? Back in June, our 17 lb. cat vanished and this past week, we had another large cat disappear. The neighboring mobile home park had 7 inquiries about missing cats this week and another neighbor said their cat was missing, as well. In years past, we had coyotes in the neighborhood but as our area developed, they disappeared. We could always tell when the coyotes had captured prey, as the yelping could be heard for some distance. This time around, no noises and multiple disappearances. We have lots of deer in our neighborhood, as well, and our dog is disturbed by something in the vacant lot next door (our neighborhood is heavily wooded). Could it be a cougar?

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  1. We have had many cougar sightings in the Kalamazoo/Van Buren County area. So cats may be disappearing because of a cougar or the other reason could still be coyotes. Coyotes don’t just disappear because of development of an area they often just adapt. There are coyotes living in downtown Detroit. A couple of years ago one was caught by animal control officers in downtown Chicago, after it went into a storefront.

    But don’t discount the possibility of a cougar.