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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tennessee Declares War on Wild Hogs

Tennessee has done an “about face” on wild hogs.  State officials no longer consider wild hogs as game animals and will try to eradicate the invasive exotic species.

“Back in the early 20th Century, Tennessee and North Carolina were the epicenter of “wild boar” hunting in the eastern United State,” noted researcher Dr. John Mayer, of South Carolina.  “North Carolina now has a bill in the state legislature to remove the game status of wild pigs statewide…Tennessee has now decided to change its stance on wild pigs as big game…..”

Despite environmental and agricultural threats, Tennessee has, until now, been ambivalent about wild hogs.  State biologists even periodically trapped hogs around the National Park and other areas and released them in several state game areas.  That long-standing practice has now been dropped under the new plan.
With wild hogs now placed in a “nuisance” category, Tennessee allows aggressive action to get rid of the animals, especially on private land.

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