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Friday, December 16, 2011

Trash to Electricity: Covanta Kent Inc. Waste-to-Fuel Facility

Have you ever considered that burning trash could serve as an alternative energy source?  Michigan has.
Kent county is home to Covanta Kent Inc. a waste-to-fuel facility.  Built in 1990 it receives trash from Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, recycles what it can and burns the safe waste.  (Waste that cannot be burned is sent to a landfill.)
In a 2004 study such facilities were shown to emit carbon dioxide, but have half of the greenhouse effects of the methane created by a landfill with equal amounts of waste. 
The Michigan Environmental Council would like to see more effort on the issue of recycling.  The Council supports the waste-to-energy facilities, but feel they don’t do a good enough job recycling.  According to Hugh McDiarmid, Communications Director of MEC, these waste facilities’ incinerators compete with recycling programs.

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