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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shooter To The Rescue!

This year the Pocatello Zoo in Idaho had Shooter the elk for a lifeguard; at least around his water tank.  Back in June Shooter saved the life of a marmot (large ground squirrels) that had fallen into his water tank. 

Dr. Joy Fox thought that it was odd that Shooter had been playing around his water tank.  So she grabbed her camera.  “We thought he was just going to climb in the tank.  He was sniffing and pawing and he kept shifting around and looking into the tank,” said Dr. Fox. 

For about 15 minutes Shooter circled his water tank.  He then put his head into the water and pulled out the marmot.  After being set on the ground the marmot was nudged by a large hoof until it started to move.  After a few minutes of catching its breath the ground squirrel scurried home.  “This is incredible, he deliberately took that animal out of the tank” said Zoo employee Kate O’Connor.

As for why Shooter rescued the marmot from drowning the zoo is not sure.  Maybe he did not like the marmot in his water tank or even sensed that it was in distress.  But upon reflection employee, Kate O’Conner felt that since Shooter’s lifestyle needs are being met he could be using more problem solving techniques instead of survival techniques.   

To read more about a lucky marmot and his rescue from drowning click here:

To watch the YouTube video click here:

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